Romantik Hotel S'Olivaret

Isabel Socias Serra
Carretera Alaró-Orient km.3
ES-07340 Alaro
Tel: +34 (971) 510889
Fax: +34 (971) 510719

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If you are a hike lover, love cycling or just wish to enjoy nature, Romantik Hotel S’Olivaret offers you a natural environment where to practice your favourite activities. But if you're willing to rest, S’Olivaret has a Spa at your disposal where you can relax.

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The Romantik Hotel S'Olivaret has witnessed some of the most decisive battles of Majorcan history, from the Moorish invasion to the present time, which have left its mark and given a unique personality to the estate. The Romantik Hotel S'Olivaret brings together history and tradition together with comfort to its perfection, to make your vacations memorable.

La Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is one of the most fascinating places that Majorca can offer. It is a practically virgin territory on an island that has everything one can wish for; it is a place of peace and calm with a wide selection of leisure and diversion. Intimate and cosy corners, an exquisite art collection, terraces and gardens; all this has been set to create a special atmosphere that helps you to relax and enjoy your stay at S'Olivaret.

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27 rooms


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