Romantik Hotel Posta 1899

Achille Leonardelli
Via Targa, 1
IT-38040 Montagnaga di Pinè
Tel: +39 (0461) 558322
Fax: +39 (0461) 558952

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Located in the heart of Trentino, the Romantik Hotel Posta 1899 features the lively hospitality of the Leonardelli family, which has run the hotel with a passion for more than a century. The family stands for a strong bond with tradition, but also for a drive for continual renewal and development. In a warm, alpine ambient surrounded by an extraordinary nature and landscape, the hotel aims to be a place full of joy and cheer, where guests enjoy the delicacies of Trentino cuisine, spend magical nights in the cosy "Stube" and can let themselves be pampered in the wellness centre "Dolce far Niente": a true oasis of peace and light-hearted ease.

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33 rooms


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