Romantik Hotel Neuhaus

Family Neuhaus
Lösseler Str. 149
DE-58644 Iserlohn-Lössel
Tel: +49 (2374) 97800
Fax: +49 (2374) 7664

'Blue Key': Romantik Hotels & Restaurants with first-class comfort. For guests who desire a personalised sense of well-being in a private atmosphere.

Wellness Light - Romantik Hotels, among them town hotels, with some spa treatments.

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The history of this house, surrounded by a garden of sculptures, can be traced back to 1753 - and the charm of times long past is retained without sacrificing comfort. This is a place for those who love the good things in life, for those who enjoy a friendly, bright and modern ambience with pleasant and elegant colour schemes and for those who appreciate the energy created by the contrast between modernity and tradition.

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38 rooms


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