Romantik Hotel Monteriggioni

Michela Gozzi & Luigi Cagnazzo
Via 1 Maggio 4
IT-53035 Monteriggioni
Tel: +39 (0577) 305009
Fax: +39 (0577) 305011

'Blue Key': Romantik Hotels & Restaurants with first-class comfort. For guests who desire a personalised sense of well-being in a private atmosphere.

Our tip

Guided tours to the winery Fattoria Castello di Monteriggioni and tastings of Chianti Classico wine, Vin Santo and olive oil.

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The Hotel Monteriggioni is situated inside a boundary wall dating back to the 12th century which was mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The magical setting of this mediaeval village and the warm and exclusive atmosphere of a private home will make your stay truly unforgettable. The 12 rooms, each different from the next, offer the pleasure of tradition and the comfort of modern technology. Breakfast can be enjoyed in the hotel's garden, between age-old olive trees and a stone swimming pool, and is a real object of pride for the Gozzi-Cagnazzo family, who directly run the hotel.

Prices & information

from 120 EUR
from 230 EUR
from 260 EUR
12 rooms


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