Romantik Hotel Le Val d'Amblève

Family Roxs
Route de Malmedy 7
BE-4970 Stavelot
Tel: +32 (80) 281440
Fax: +32 (80) 281459

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Set in a green valley in the heart of the beautiful Ardennes countryside near Liège, Stavelot is renowned for seducing poets, painters and musicians. Music, theatre, thermal baths, motor races, golf, tennis, skiing, ... are just some of the activities which can be enjoyed in enchanting surroundings.

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Romantik Hotel Le Val d'Amblève is situated in the green heart of the beautiful Ardennes countryside, just outside the centre of Stavelot. This hostellerie is notable for its standard of comfort, tranquil atmosphere and refined cuisine.

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from 125 EUR
from 150 EUR
18 rooms


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