Romantik Hotel L'Ami Fritz

Family Fritz
8, rue de Châteaux
FR-67530 Ottrott
Tel: +33 (3) 88958081
Fax: +33 (3) 88958485

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Alsace Tradition

If you cannot get enough of the tasty Alsace food, at Romantik Hotel L'Ami Fritz you can purchase a copy of the cookbook Alsace Tradition by Gilles Pudlowski.

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This beautiful 18th century natural stone house at the foot of Mount Sainte Odile is home to the Romantik Hotel "L'Ami Fritz". The name expresses passion for the Alsace and a joy of welcoming guests and sharing happiness with them. Discover our famous regional cuisine and enjoy game, fish and other Alsatian specialities in the warm ambience of our restaurant "Winstub" or the charming "Kaminstub".

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from 98 EUR
from 121 EUR
26 rooms


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