Romantik Hotel Gmachl

Family Hirnböck-Gmachl
Family Hirnböck-Gmachl
Dorfstraße 14
AT-5161 Salzburg-Elixhausen
Tel: +43 (662) 4802120
Fax: +43 (662) 48021272

Wellness Plus - Romantik Hotels with a large spa area and a great variety of spa treatments.

'Yellow Key': Romantik Hotels & Restaurants with luxurious comfort. For discerning guests who expect style, ambiance, indulgence and hospitality.

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Explore Salzburg's beautiful surroundings with the free Gmachl electric scooters and electric bicycle rental!

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The 4-star, superior Romantik Hotel & Restaurant GMACHL is the oldest family-run business in Austria. Today, Michaela Hirnböck-Gmachl und Fritz Hirnböck manage the hotel by synthesizing 23 generations of tradition with a modern, innovative hotel environment. This jewel, established in 1334, is situated in an idyllic village on the outskirts of the world cultural heritage city of Salzburg. The breathtaking GMACHL panoramic 'Horizont' Spa, on 1,500 m² of floor space at the top of the hotel, offers fantastic views of the Salzburg mountain landscape. You can enjoy our award-winning cuisine and exquisite wines in the lovingly renovated parlour or the romantic garden. The rooms and suites of the hotel have been fitted with furniture made of natural materials, and thus provide the perfect ambience to accommodate your holiday dreams.

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