Romantik Hotel Die Krone

Raphael Lüthy, Raymond Kronig, Markus Greter
Seestrasse 11
CH-8274 Gottlieben
Tel: +41 (71) 666 80 60
Fax: +41 (71) 666 80 69

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Our tip

Do you feel like enjoying a grand night at the movies? In our cosy in-house Cinema Royal, we offer you prime screen entertainment on old sofas and grand theatre chairs. We offer more than 100 movies on DVD, from comedies to actionmovies, from children's movies to operas. And according to our theme we've got movies from royal dynasties, emperors and queens: The great european dynasties are guests in our in-house cinema al well!

For guests, this offer is absolutely free of charge!

Your hotel

Dream royal dreams in our Habsburg suite! Listen to the rippling waves of Lake Constance from our Windsor windows! One of the gems of Gottlieben's matchless beauty, our hotel looks back on its own unique history of three centuries - and offers atmospheric rooms devoted to Europe's crowns and dynasties. We have enriched our heritage with fresh ideas and elegant design, resulting in a deliciously stimulating combination - of which our distinguished cuisine and our surprising in-house cinema are just two examples.

The Crown. Your home while you're away from home.

Prices & information

from 90 CHF
from 110 CHF
25 rooms


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