Romantik Hotel Chesa Grischuna

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Family B. Rios Guler and M. Hunziker
Bahnhofstrasse 12
CH-7250 Klosters
Tel: +41 (81) 4222222
Fax: +41 (81) 4222225

'Blue Key': Romantik Hotels & Restaurants with first-class comfort. For guests who desire a personalised sense of well-being in a private atmosphere.

Enjoy the Romantik way - In the morning freshly baked bread, in the evening a gourmet meal. Today regional specialities, tomorrow culinary highlights. Creativity on your plate, presented in a contemporary manner - this belongs as much to Romantik culinary table culture as the appropriate wine.

Our tip

Take a hike through the wild and romantic Vereina Valley.
And for the convenient people there is a bus that takes you right to the door of the Vereina-Berghaus. Immerse yourself in a different world for a few hours, without the hustle and bustle.

Your hotel

The Chesa Grischuna is a beautiful complex of buildings, typical for the Grisons, located in the heart of Klosters. As soon as you enter this exquisite residence which has been privately owned for decades, you will feel an overwhelming, relaxing yet welcoming atmosphere. In every room you are surrounded by antiques, wood carvings and craft work from the region.

Whether you are just passing through or you come to Romantik Hotel Chesa Grischuna for a few relaxing days, we are always pleased to welcome you. Relax in our lovingly furnished rooms, take the time for yourself and for each other, and enjoy your stay in our home.

Prices & information

from 140 CHF
from 160 CHF
12 rooms


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